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About Dishy

What's this I hear about Intelligent Recipes™ ?

Dishy is powered by what we call Intelligent Recipes™. These differ considerably from traditional "dumb recipes", which are essentially just blocks of text. Intelligent Recipes™ enable Dishy to do lots of really helpful things, like making instructions simple and step-by-step, scaling quantities for different serving sizes, calculating cooking times for different weights of meat, and seamlessly converting between international unit systems.

Intelligent Recipes™ also solve one of the biggest headaches of cooking: getting the timings right. Countdown timers are built into the recipes wherever they are needed, and a progress indicator and expected finish time help to get all the components of a meal on the table at the right time.

95 recipes come pre-loaded with Dishy and we intend to work hard to produce lots more that will be available to purchase as bolt-on packs.

Can I add my own recipes?

Unfortunately not. Converting a "dumb recipe" into an Intelligent Recipe™ is a bit tricky and requires an understanding of the inner workings of Dishy's software. We think that our customers will be best served by letting us do the hard work and instead enjoying the great recipes that we have developed, tried and tested. If you have any special requests for future recipes, do drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

Can I invest?

Touch Fantastic Ltd is a privately funded start-up and we are currently not looking to raise further finance. Nice of you to ask though!

Who is behind Dishy?

Dishy was lovingly crafted by the team at Touch Fantastic: